Results for Anderwood - 09/02/2013

Lots of happy smiling faces at Anderwood today - the rain, snow and cold was not severe enough to dampen spirits. And it was a great turnout considering the weather. Well done to Kevin Bracher for putting on another great event with very enjoyable courses. And a big thank you to all the helpers who made the day possible.

Please pass any questions or discrepancies on the results to Pete Davis -


Planner/ Organiser

Lost Property: One Blue Asthma inhaler.   Contact Kevin

I would like to add my thanks firstly to all the SOC helpers and also to all you intrepid orienteers who turned out despite the conditions.

I tried to keep the courses away from the wettest areas and plan some interesting legs on all the courses right down to the yellow course which had at least two legs with genuine route choice. Whilst aiming to provide some challenging legs with several route options I also made a conscious decision to keep the number of controls to a minimum. I used 33 controls to provide 5 courses. This was possible because it is a very good area with plenty of control options which could be combined to set some interesting challenges. I hope you all enjoyed your runs and that we see you at our next SOC event at Kings Garn Gutter on the 17th of March.

Thanks for all your help;  Ray, Simon B, Bill, Roger, Peter, Julia, Julian, Graham, Jillian, Colin, Matthew, Jill, Jane, Tim, Alastair, Simon W, Ian & Nick.

Even a small event needs a good number of helpers!


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