Results for QECP Score Event - 1st Jan 2013

Planners Comments

Firstly thank you all for coming out-especially Allan Farrington who kindly lent us his proximity control kit and also came to help us make it work. Also Terry, Di, Lisa, Robin and Jillian.

The idea was to test the new permenant orienteering courses at Queen Elizabeth Country Park. As the posts were already in place it seemed a logical step to use them with the new proximity E-mit system. All that was needed on the day was to secure the units to the POC posts. Very quick and easy. With the posts/controls permenantly in place we also have the potential for planning simpler courses or another score event at a later date. Hopefully SOC will also be able to use this system with other POC's as they are updated.

It sounded like everyone had a fun morning. We were so lucky with the weather (by 1300 all the park car parks were full) and we have learnt more about POC posts, proximity E-mits and in my case mass starts with E-mits!

I was disappointed with the number of competitors but maybe QECP has a bit of a reputation for being steep and hard. But it does offer varied fast course potential with little bramble, good clear control features and easy access and facitilies for events.


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