Results for Dibden - 13/10/2012

Here are the provisional results for the Dibden Event.

We had a problem with a control with the wrong number on it and I am not clear how that has affected peoples runs.  There are a few mispunches (MP) that I have noted, but have not disqualified where there this may be due to the misplaced control.

Planners and Organisers Comments

First of all apologies to those of you who had to wait  at the start while we checked that all the controls were out in the forest. Thank you for your understanding, at least it was not raining! It was lovely to see so many newcomers as well as our regular orienteers at the event. There were around 18 helpers in all keeping things running smoothly. Your efforts were much appreciated, many hands really do make light work. I hope everyone who wanted a run had time to have one. The scout group have passed on their thanks to everyone who made them feel so welcome. A pair of black Salomon trainers were left beside the parking track so if anyone picked them up please let me know. jillian.devine [at]

Jillian and Kieran Devine


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