Wessex Night league Full List of Events


  1. Monday  9th October         Poole ( Canford Heath Urban).
  2. Monday  6th November       Salisbury
  3. Wednesday 8th November   ATR Winchester
  4. Thursday    9th November   Eastney & Milton (Portsmouth SOC).
  5. Monday  13th   November   Avon Heath
  6. Monday  20th   November   Oakley Village
  7. Saturday 2nd   December   Penn Wood
  8. Monday   11th  December   Hillbourne
  9. Saturday 16th  December   Brighton
  10. Monday   8th   January       Poole Town
  11. Thursday 11th January       Southampton   (SOC)
  12. Monday   15th Jannuary      Basingstoke
  13. Thursday  1st  February     Romsey           (SOC)
  14. Saturday  3rd February     Dinton
  15. Thursday  8th  February    Gillingham
  16. Thursday 15th February    Boscombe
  17. Saturday 17th February    Malborough
  18. Saturday 24th February    Pembry
  19. Saturday  3rd March        Marchwood       (SOC)
  20. Monday 5th    March        Bournemouth

Further Details on Wessex website www.wessex-oc.org   & Wimbourne website www.wimbourne-orienteers.org.uk

These events are great fun and are usually run from a venue that encourages the social side of Orienteering.

SOC are hosting 4 events in the league this season. We need your help and support to run these events