Report on Salisbury Trench Training Activity 17th November

A good turn out at Salisbury Trench today (Sat 17th November) for our latest Coaching Activity.

The activity concentrated on using a compass and improving navigation.

Four training courses were provided. A corridor exercise, an exercise with long and short legs, an exercise with some legs in terrain with reduced visibility and some in and more open terrain making runners adjust their technique and lastly an exercise which had a bit of everything from the above.

Experienced orienteers were on hand to talk through and analyse individual's runs and to shadow participants. Talking through how you approach particular legs can help understand what you may be missing or if you are over complicating things.

The Coaching was planned by Tamsin Moran W21 who put together an excellent training Activity. Well thought out with challenging courses that had the participants thinking about technique and challenging their orienteering skills.

We all make mistakes. It is all about how we learn from them and how we react when things go wrong. How often do we say we will use a small Local Event to practice our technique and hone our navigation skills? Then we just run round as fast as we can in our usual manner.

These activities are well worth the effort if you are serious about improving your orienteering. Look out for our next Activity and give it a go. You may be pleasantly surprised.

A big Thank You to Tamsin and the team of helpers who made this activity happen.


Thanks, Tamsin. I really enjoyed the challenges you set and found the training led to more confidence in my compass work - hopefully that will continue when competing!


I would just like to add my thanks to Tamsin and her skilled group of helpers who provided such a great morning of training on Saturday. It was a real treat to have someone shadowing me and giving me advice on all sorts of things, from the recognition of detailed map features, through how to hold my compass properly to learning  not to take my Garmin too seriously when it tells me to rest!! I can't wait to go out and try my newly learnt skills. I think it is easy to reach a plateau in our orienteering career and events like this really give us new techniques to try out as we spiral slowly to perfection!


Thank you all for a memorable sunny morning in the Forest.