Permanent Orienteering Courses - Volunteers Required

Permanent Orienteering Courses – Volunteers Required.


You will be aware that the club has established a number of permanent orienteering courses (POC’S) in Southampton and surrounding areas.

These courses need to be checked at least 2 or 3 times each year and issues reported to our POC Manager, Kieran Devine.

If you would like to take responsibility for one of the courses at:

·         Itchen Valley C.P.

·         Lakeside C.P.

·         Royal Victoria C.P.

·         Staunton C.P.

And could:

·         visit the course 2 or 3 (or more if possible) times per year.

·         check that the controls are in the correct position.

·         note any maintenance issues (e.g. damage to controls or overgrown areas) and report them to the POC Manager.

·         establish a relationship with the POC site manager and receive feedback on the courses from customers.

If you feel that you could help then please contact Kieran by sending an email to or speak to any member of the committee.


POC’s are a great way for newcomers and families to enjoy orienteering so it is essential that the courses that we have established give users a good experience.


Any assistance would be gratefully appreciated.

Happy to check IVCP - will force me out on a longer training run!