Permanent Orienteering Courses Update.

The new map of Royal Victoria Country Park and THREE new POC courses are now up and running.

If anyone tests them, any feedback will be appreciated.

While at RVCP, the Chapel (only remains of the Hospital) was re-opened to the public on 1st August after total refurbishment with Lottery money. Downstairs there is a (free) very interesting and informative museum tracing the history of the Hospital with archive photos and talks. Definitely worth a visit. Upstairs is the tower. There is a charge for ascending the 100+ steps, but on a clear day, the views over the Solent and in fact in all directions are quite breathtaking. There are also interactive displays up here showing where the original Hospital buildings once stood. When we were there setting up the new POC courses, in early August, the prolonged drought had showed up the outlines of the rooms and corridors in the open spaces either side of the chapel. Another new addition is a permanent display at each corner of the original Hospital building, and also by the pier, and the train station.

Be aware that there is now a number plate recognition system in operation for car parking.