Permanent Orienteering Courses Update.


Firstly, thank you to everyone who volunteered to 'adopt' a Permanent Orienteering Course site. I have not forgotten you - just been a bit busy with non - O stuff, and trying to sort out our current POCs.

I am still looking for an adoptee for Itchen Valley Country Park.


Queen Elizabeth Country Park now has a new map and three new courses. There has been considerable development work in the park in last 12 months and this is all now on the new map. They have also had to remove large numbers of Ash trees suffering from Ash Dieback disease.

Staunton Country Park; the field areas which have been quarantined off for most of the winter due to the sheep disease ORF, are now accessible again so all courses are now operating fully.

Royal Victoria Country Park has a new map and in the next few weeks will have three new courses to go with the new map. This is the map that was used for the recent summer series.

Itchen Valley country Park. I have almost finished remapping this park following the large scale deforestation as a result of a widespread serious disease of all the mature pine trees in the area opposite the vistors centre. New courses will follow in the summer.

Lakeside Country Park POC leaflets are now available from the B O POC portal as there is nowhere at Lakeside to sell them, and also from Itchen Valley CP info centre.

Finally the Outdoor Sports Centre has undergone many personnel changes and the POC seems to have bcome a bit forgotten. The new manager is now aware of this and has promised to promote the facility.

Thanks, Kieran (POCman)