Event Entry Fees for 2018 and new Expenses Policy

At the last committee meeting we discussed the entry fees for our events for next year onwards. We recognise that the costs of orienteering are rising and we wanted to ensure that our event fees are set so that the club meets its costs and covers the risks of cancelled events without making unnecessary surplus. 

Our analysis showed that events in the New Forest are more expensive to put on than those in parks and public spaces. So we have separated out Level D fees for forest events and increased the senior fee by £1 to £6. Level C event fees have risen from £8 to £10.

We also want to keep the costs as low as possible for families and newcomers. As a result we now have separate fees for courses at technical difficulty 1 (White), 2 (Yellow) and 3 (Orange) for all ages, £2 for Level D and £3 for Level C. We are continuing to offer junior fees for under 25s. 

The table of fees is available on the Organisers' Ready Reference

At the same meeting we also approved a new version of the Expenses and Grants Policy. There are no actual changes to the policy but we have clarified some of the wording, tidied up where needed and incorporated the notes into the policy itself.